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Al-Nusra continues to organize and recruit in Turkey

AKP MPs meet with members of al-Nusra

AKP MPs meet with members of al-Nusra

According to reports published today in both Özgür Gündem an at ANF, the al-Nusra Front – an affiliate of al-Qaeda thought responsible for numerous atrocities in the Syrian Civil War –  is attempting to organize young people in Diyarbakır. Police have told family members of a number of recruits who had complained about the organizations increasing presence in the city that they were powerless to act, as al-Nusra is not considered to be a terrorist organization by the Turkish government.

MPs from the ruling AK party, as well as Turkish intelligence and military officers, are known to have met members of al-Nusra and Nawaf El Beşir, a former Syrian regime official who has been working with the Turkish state since his defection and who is said to have played a role in coordinating the recent assault on Serêkaniyê. They are claimed to have planned the assault months in advance, and to have set aside a budget of 2 million dollars for the attack.

Turkish IDs found among fighters in Syria

Turkish IDs found among fighters in Syria

Separately, Özgür Gündem is also reporting that al-Nusra is recruiting heavily in the Bağcılar and Güngören districts of Istanbul, from where they are attempting to send youth to fight in Syria. Other reports have also confirmed the presence of Turkish citizens among Islamic groups fighting in the conflict.

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