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Shortage of Medical Supplies and Doctors in Rojava

Shortage of Medical Supplies and Doctors in Rojava

According to a report in today’s Özgür Gündem, the embargo-like conditions in force around Rojava have led to a severe shortage of medicals supplies and doctors. Below is a summary of the report translated into English:

At a hospital in Rojava

At a hospital in Rojava

Due to the closure of border crossings on the border with Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan and the the capture of supply routes by Islamists in the south and west of Rojava, medical supplies have been unable to reach the area. Existing supplies are exhausted in many districts, and are about to run out in large cities such as Qamişlo. Stocks of vaccines for diseases such as rabies, polio and measles as well as antivenoms are already depleted. There is little possibility to give blood transfusions to the sick and injured. A number of districts are also suffering from a shortage of doctors and in at least one hospital medical students are assisting staff.

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