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In Rojava entire families have gone to the front to fight together

According to an interesting report from ANF which helps to shine a light on the nature of the resistance in Rojava, entire families have taken up arms in order to defend their villages and neighborhoods from outside (and foreign sponsored) aggression. Below are some translated excerpts from the article, which can be read in its entirety (in Turkish) here.

Alongside the YPG many local women and men have now taken up arms in their villages and neighborhoods to defend against the attacks now occurring in Rojava. In areas like Serêkaniyê, Gerkê Legê, Kobani, Dirbêsiyê, and Qamişlo where clashes are taking place it is possible to encounter fathers and sons, fathers and daughters and brothers and sisters side by side or on different fronts throughout the region.

The people of Rojava have taken up arms to defend themselves against the gangs now operating in the region. Their only goals are to defend themselves and their peoples, and to live under a free and democratic administration.

Xalê Gaba is 60 years old. He is together with a group of locals and YPG fighters attempting to defend grain silos in Serêkaniyê from outside gangs. Within a kilometer of their position in the region of Til Xelef-Mışırf and Esfer Necar are fighters with the Al-Nusra Front.

Xalê Gaba, speaking with ANF, said, “I am 60 years old, but my age in war is 20. I am here defending my homeland. That is why we took up arms”.

“We are here protecting wheat silos. We have been oppressed for thousands of years because of our language and our identity. Is it haram for us even to live? God created us thus. What shall we do? Isn’t God everyone’s God? God is our witness here. We are here on our own land and they come and attack us, they want to drive us from here.”

“We don’t have a problem with any country or people. We want democracy. We want to live with our identity. We don’t want an oppressive state.”

“Whatever your language, color or religion we want all people to benefit from the same rights. Arabs, Turks, Syriacs are our brothers. We have no problems with these people.”

Father-Daughter on the Front

In Dirbêsiyê we meet Xebat, one of the villagers that have taken up arms. He is 43 years old. He is a farmer. He has six children, the youngest of whom is 3. His oldest daughter Jiyan is fighting on the Serêkaniyê-Til Xelef front. He has not seen his daughter for days, but he explains that now and again they are able to talk on the telephone.

Xebat, who confirms he took up arms in 2011 together with the rest of the local people in order to defend the people and their villages says, “This fight is an honorable fight. Everyone who has a weapon here is part of a struggle. We don’t have our eyes on anyone’s land or property. We are here protecting ourselves from these gangs.”


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