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Barzani visits Rojava refugees in Kewirkusk

President Barzani visits with Rojava Refugees

President Barzani visits with Rojava Refugees

The President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Mesûd Barzani, met with refugees from Rojava during a visit to the newly built refugee camp in Kerwirkusk, according to Kurdistan TV. The visit comes after recent attacks in Rojava and elsewhere in Syria sent thousands pouring across the Tigris River into Iraqi Kurdistan over the past week, as a border crossing was open for a number of days.

According to the report from Kurdistan TV, Barzani told the refugees:

Welcome, you are our brothers. You are at home and among relatives. You are in your own homeland, and in the home of your brothers. With God’s permission, this disaster that has befallen you will be over and you will return to your houses. For the time being we will work for you, our dear brothers, with all our strength.

Most of the border crossings between Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria, however, continue to remain closed.


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