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A Human Chain for Rojava in Diyarbakır

Kurdish Leaders announce a demonstration for Rojava in Diyarbakır

Kurdish Leaders announce a demonstration in support of Rojava in Diyarbakır

At a press conference held yesterday by a number of different Kurdish political parties and organizations – including the BDP, DTK, DDKD, ÖSP, Azadi İnisiyatifi, Dicle-Fırat Diyalog Grubu and KADEP – Kurdish leaders announced that a human chain would be formed in order to draw attention to the situation in Rojava, according to a report by Ötekilerin Postası. The demonstration will take place in Keçiburcu, in the city center, at 18:00 local time today.

Speaking at the event, the co-president of the BBP in Diyarbakir Province, Zübeyde Zümrüt, said that demonstrations would continue until attacks against Rojava were stopped. “Rojava is under siege” she continued. “No one who calls themselves a human should remain quiet about this situation.”

The president of the ÖDP in Diyarbakır Province, Nusret Maçin, claimed there was a “dirty war” going on in Rojava and pointed the finger at Turkey and the AKP government. “If you want to solve the Kurdish issue” he said, “then take your hands of Rojava. The goal of the Kurds is to direct their own fate.”


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